Analyze & Identify

We will analyze your SEO and marketing to identify your needs and develop a strategy to market to your target audience.

We Do Research

We do in-depth research of your market to determine the ideal plan of action, including what keywords and areas to target.

Get More Traffic

We monitor your search engine optimization and work to increase the percentage of users that click on your website.

Our Mission

Digital marketing is the way of the future, with companies that use it seeing growth by the day. Do not fail to take advantage of the platforms other companies already use to their own benefit, On the Map Marketing is here to help you and your digital marketing needs. Organic results grab attention, and we specialize in making sure you receive better organic search engine rankings. Keep your business in the public eye, push the marketing you will need to appeal to a client base on the lookout for businesses like yours.

Frequently asked questions

SEO consists of two parts; on-page and off-page. On-page SEO includes factors on your website itself including the speed of your website, the quality of your content and the structure of your site.

Off-page SEO is essentially the quantity and quality of links that are pointing to each of your pages and your website overall.

Google uses over 200 different ranking factors to decide where your pages should rank for specific queries, but all of them are either on or off-page. It’s accepted that off-page SEO is more important and has more potential for rankings improvements.

The quality of your backlinks is impacted by the website that they come from, the specific page that they are on and where the link is located on the page. Although there are other more complicated factors, these three are the primary deciders of the quality of a link.

Links that are of higher quality will have a more significant impact on your rankings and are usually the hardest links to acquire. Ideally, all of your links would come from extremely authoritative websites like the BBC, NASA and the US Government.

Unfortunately, it’s doubtful that these websites will link to your home construction company. Instead, we focus on getting your business coverage on relevant quality websites, blogs, and industry publications.

Digital marketing is the process of sharing a website around the internet in a creative way so that more people will visit your site. A portion of those visitors will be interested in your services, and they will lead to sales.

Although we can’t make any promises regarding revenue increase, digital marketing is a cost-effective form of advertising when compared to traditional methods and has a high ROI.

Digital marketing will help to spread awareness of your business in the short and long-term, meaning that people are more likely to turn to you when they are in need of plumber. But because we also focus on SEO, we want to increase your rankings so that you continue to bring in more traffic each month and hopefully more leads.

Remodeling web design can be done relatively quickly, but the exact timeline will depend on what you want, how long it takes you to communicate with us and the functionality that you require. Get in touch with us as soon as possible and once we have more information we can give you a more accurate estimation of the time that it will take.

What Our Customers Say

They work harder than anyone else I have worked with when developing websites and SEO platforms. You can trust what they say and they back it up with a fantastic product. I will be recommending them exclusively for my clients.

Marian Dixon

His team are fantastic! SEO has been managing our website and e-mail server for roughly 2 years and the results have been terrific. We couldn’t be any happier! If you need effective online marketing.

Joel Maes, DDS

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